Assembling the BAR Short Blank Magazine

Here are the instructions on how to modify your BAR magazine to use 30-06 short blanks.

Parts list:

  1. J&M Spec. Short Blank Magazine Spacer
  2. M14 / M1A magazine follower
  3. M14 / M1A magazine spring

Step 1 – Remove the floorplate from your BAR magazine and extract the spring and follower.

Step 2 – Gently bend the three tabs on the bottom front of the magazine straight. This is best done with toothless pliers or a crescent wrench to avoid marring the tabs.

Step 3 – Install the spacer into the front of the magazine.

Step 4 – Modify M14 / M1A follower to fit freely in the remaining space of the mag well. It doesn’t require a lot of excess space. Just enough for it to slide freely top to bottom when kept perpendicular to the magazine.

Step 5 – Install the modified follower and the M14 / M1A spring.

Step 6 – Reinstall the floorplate and insure that the follower travels freely.

Step 7 – Carefully bend the tabs back flush. Magazine complete!

***If the magazine does not hold all twenty rounds then you can remove part of, but not all of, the lower vertical portion of the follower to increase the capacity.

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