At J&M Spec. LLC, we strive to provide top-notch equipment and supplies for reenactors, films, photographers, and all who desire to improve historical accuracy in their displays and events.

Firearms for Sale & Rent

M1919 Browning

We provide all types of firearms, including “full-auto” machine guns, and assist both reenactors and film companies with on site expertise in SAFE firearms operation and handling.


Experts in manufacturing blank cartridges for the re-enacting community, we craft our blanks for the most realistic sound and great reliability, rain or shine!

Dummy Rounds

With over 275 calibers and gauges to choose from, we are the world leader in all-metal dummy cartridge selection.

We specialize in military equipment, including firearms, uniforms, radios, and vehicles.

We also have a farm and animals available. These include horses, goats, pigs, chickens, turkeys, and rabbits. Visit out farm here

J&M Spec. LLC Logo

J&M Spec. LLC is a full-service shop for quality equipment,supplies, and on-site expertise for your firearms, blank cartridge,and dummy round needs. We are driven to help make films and reenacting more historically accurate, and above all, SAFE.