J&M Spec. Inert Cartridges

Where you get absolutely no “bang” for your buck!

Makers of the finest, most realistic dummy cartridges available.

All of our over 170 different calibers of snap caps are INERT and are safe for function checking, reenacting, film props, or display.

J&M Spec. is a group of veterans, reenactors, and competitive marksmen dedicated to making the finest, most realistic INERT display or “dummy” ammunition available. Also known as snap caps or fake ammo, our products are prefect for safely function checking a firearm, for film props, reenactors, or displays. We specialize in military cartridges of the 20th century and Western / Cowboy calibers as well. All of our dummy ammo is made using REAL cartridge cases and REAL bullets, giving them the most realistic weight and feel, but NO powder or live primers.

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WWI Complete Cartridge Collection Dummy Fake Bullets
World War One Complete Collection

Now offering “Cartridge Collections” from WWI, WWII, the Korean War, the Vietnam War Desert Storm, and many others. As well as, collections by country. The set pictured is our World War One Complete Collection. It consists of every standard rifle and pistol caliber from all major combatant nations of the “War to End All Wars”. Three-three calibers in all!

Our Products

We offer dummy ammo for over 170 different calibers and gauges. Our “snap caps” are used for a wide variety of purposes including reenactors and museums trying to create the most realistic display possible to educate the public, collectors and individuals with personal firearms displays, professional and amateur gunsmiths, and as props in the film industry. Don’t risk the safety of your display, use our realistic “fake bullets” for all your firearms displays or training.

We have categorized our snap caps / dummy cartridges in multiple ways to assist you in finding what you are looking for. Many calibers are listed in more than one category. Don’t hesitate to use the search function either!

  • Calibers by Country – look for the cartridges you want by the nation that made and/or used them.
  • Rifle Calibers & Pistol Calibers – subdivided if there are multiple options for a specific caliber.
  • Commercial calibers – those designed for and used in modern, commercially available firearms, and not used by any nation’s military.
  • Western Cartridges – For all the Cowboys out there. The perfect addition to your “Wild West” collection.


30-40 Krag M1898 Cupronickel

We now offer many of our snap caps with simulated “cupronickel” (copper nickel) bullets to replicate what was used by many nations from the beginning of jacketed bullets through WWII. These “fake bullets” are slightly lighter than the originals and also make identifying them as dummy rounds easier and faster.

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If you don’t see the caliber you are looking for on our website, please let us know. We are constantly expanding our inventory and are always open to new ideas.

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To reiterate, all of our products are inert, and known by many names such as snap caps, fake ammo, fake ammunition, fake bullets, dummy rounds, dummy cartridges, inert ammo, etc. Please note that as our slogan states, you get “absolutely no “bang” for your buck”. Our snap caps are the perfect solution for your gunsmith function checking, reenacting, film making, or display needs!

6 thoughts on “J&M Spec. Inert Cartridges”

  1. Received my 7.7 Arisaka dummies today. Just wanted to let yall know they are awesome. I have been reluctant to buy live rounds due to cost. I really wanted to cycle the action and now I can do that safely. They work great! Oh I found them on Amazon and the business card was in the pack so I had to look yall up. Have a blessed day and I may purchase some other dummies in the near future.

  2. Thanks for the Mosin-Nagant 7.62 dummies I found on Amazon. Great look and feel All the best from Taos

  3. I ordered a 50rnd belt and 5rnds loose of 8mm Mauser the other days via the eBay store and got it today. I have to say I am extremely happy with them. I placed the loose rounds on a stripper clip and they load perfectly into my rifle. The business card was in the box and I had to come check you guys out. I already ordered more dummy rounds and chances are I’ll get more in the future. Really glad I found you guys!!

  4. I purchased 8x53R and 7.7×58 Japanese dummy rounds from JM off GB. These things are great! I especially like that they offer the oddball calibers. It allows me to have something to cycle the actions with on all of my oddballs. I will be back for more, for sure. Thanks Mike!

  5. Bought a set of .458 SOCOM dummies for function testing a build. Great product! And you’re absolutely right, you shouldn’t have live rounds around these in your work area….They’re virtually indistinguishable. Just ordered a set of 350 Legend. Keep up the great work, guys.

  6. I am very pleased with your product. I purchased 8 mm Mauser ammo to practice with a rifle that I just bought before heading to the shooting range. Thanks, God bless you and keep the good work!! Marck…

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