M1918 BAR 30-06 Short Blanks

We have been manufacturing blank cartridges for the re-enacting for many years. Now we can offer our blank ammunition to everyone, from fellow reenactors to film prop companies and ceremonial use. We craft our blanks for the most realistic sound and great reliability, rain or shine!

Dummy Rounds

With over 300 calibers and gauges to choose from, we are the world leader in all-metal dummy cartridge selection. Check out our vast collection of inert, dummy cartridges at

At J&M Spec. LLC, we strive to provide top-notch equipment and supplies for reenactors, film sets, photographers, and all who desire to improve historical accuracy in their displays and events. We offer blank ammunition cartridges, firearms (including Machine Guns), dummy rounds, and other equipment to make your next event a success!

See below for more details about what J&M Spec. LLC can offer. Please feel free to call or email us with any special requests.


M1919 Browning

We provide all types of firearms, including “full-auto” machine guns, and can assist both reenactors and film companies with on site expertise in SAFE firearms operation and handling. Our staff have decades of experience in the reenacting and competitive shooting communities, both teaching and coaching from beginners to advanced, all while maintaining range safety protocols.

J&M Spec. LLC Logo

J&M Spec. LLC is a full-service shop for quality equipment,supplies, and on-site expertise for your firearms, blank cartridge,and dummy round needs. We are driven to help make films and reenacting more historically accurate, and above all, SAFE.

For those looking for the small farm scene for your film or photo shoot, then look no further than our facility in central Alabama. Check out . We have horses, goats, pigs, chickens, turkeys, and rabbits that are all kid friendly.

Christmas with Santa on Patrol