30-06 M1 Garand Blanks

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Bag of 100x 30-06 Springfield M1 Garand blanks. Star Crimped.

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J&M Spec. LLC Logo Blanks, Dummy Rounds, Snap Caps, Firearms, Machine Guns for Film and Reenacting


Bag of one hundred 30-06 blanks made specifically for the M1 Garand.  Will work with any bolt action 30-06 as well (M1903 Springfield, M1917 Enfield, etc).

Available in enblocs here: https://jmspec.com/product/30-06-m1-garand-blanks-enblocs


*The BAR requires a different load.  


J&M Spec.

J&M Spec. LLC Logo Blanks, Dummy Rounds, Snap Caps, Firearms, Machine Guns for Film and Reenacting

13 reviews for 30-06 M1 Garand Blanks

  1. Daniel (verified owner)

    Nice to do business with an American company with real people to deal with. Great product. I would definitely recommend doing business with.

  2. Stephen Lineberry (verified owner)

    Order arrived promptly after initiation and I was kept abreast prior to receiving. Ammo received was a nice looking lot.

  3. Mickeal Kinney (verified owner)

    It took awhile for order to get here

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

  5. James Howsare (verified owner)

  6. William Murray (verified owner)

    Good Service! Expedient delivery

  7. Charles Bast (verified owner)

  8. James A. (verified owner)

    Very good blanks worked great! Came quick!

  9. david hennessey (verified owner)

    blanks worked great. Participated in a WW2 reenactment on Veterans day,they worked and cycled perfectly..

  10. Ted (verified owner)

    Ammo arrived promptly and worked flawlessly for our firing detail.

  11. Gary VanMeter (verified owner)

  12. Billy Guy (verified owner)

  13. Duncan D. (verified owner)

    The checkout was easy, and the standard shipping arrived less than a week. Price was good, too.

    The blank rounds from J&M Spec cycled flawlessly with our M1 Garands (fitted with BFAs). We were experiencing misfeeding issues with the older blanks we had. (Earlier, we had two weapons [out of three] misfeed during a Veteran’s funeral. We were able to recover, but not a good look. The family didn’t notice, but we did.) These blanks did the trick in correcting our issues.

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