MG-42 Linked 8mm Mauser (MG34/42)

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MG42 belt sections of 8×57 Mauser dummy rounds.



This listing is 8mm Mauser (8×57) dummy rounds or “snap caps” in sections of metal belt links for the MG-42, MG34, and MG3 machine guns.  They were made in 50 round sections with a tab at the end which could be hooked together to make a longer belt.  During WWII these were generally used in 50, or 100 round sections by the German Wehrmacht (Army).  A starter tab was used in order to quickly reload the rapid firing (1200 round per minute) MG42s without having to open the top cover like a US 1919 Browning.  They were used quite effectively in the hands of the German military, who’s MG-42 gained the nickname “Hitler’s buzzsaw” due to its extremely high rate of fire.

The same belt design was used after the war by the Yugoslavians in their MG53, and by the West German designed MG3 (7.62 NATO) both of which are almost identical to the MG42.  This design is still in service with multiple countries throughout Europe with the MG3.

Looks and feels just like what the German Army used during WWII.

Properly sized, seated, and crimped. Available with spent primers in, empty primer pockets, or holes drilled in the cases.  *One hundred round sections come with a starter tab*

Great for reenactors, airsoft players, costumes, museums, films, or just display.

Thanks for looking!

Also available with 7.62 NATO (.308 Win) dummy rounds here.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in

Empty Primer Pockets, Holes Drilled in Cases, Spent Primers Remain

2 reviews for MG-42 Linked 8mm Mauser (MG34/42)

  1. George Krug (verified owner)

    GREAT! MG34 ammo belt with 100 rounds of 8mm. Arrived just as described and NO CHARGE for shipping. Inert 8mm is difficult to find. I thank you for your product and service. My MG will look so much better, when mounted on my Dnepr, with an ammo belt hanging off the side.

  2. Dennis Wolf

    Great ammo for reenacting! I purchased a 100 round belt and it is fantastic. The starter tab and free shipping were a great added bonus.

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