PKM Linked 7.62x54R Russian


PKM linked 7.62x54R dummy rounds.



Metal linked belt of 7.62x54R dummy rounds or “snap caps” for the Maxim and PKM machine guns.  These heavy duty ammo belts were used by the Soviet Union (USSR) initially during World War Two (WWII).  They been used in every major conflict since then; the Korean War, Vietnam, Afghanistan (Russia), Desert Storm, and still today.  The PK series of machine gun which these fit is still front line equipment in many nations including Russia.  The US military even uses them to some extent.

Properly sized, seated, and crimped. Available with spent primers remaining, empty primer pockets, or holes drilled in the cases.

*Each one hundred round belt comes with the starter tab*

Great addition to your re-enactment kit, your airsoft equipment, or display with your unique piece of military history.

Thanks for looking!

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in

10 rounds, 100 rounds, 200 rounds, 25 rounds, 50 rounds


Empty Primer Pockets, Holes Drilled in Cases, Spent Primers Remain


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