7.65×20 French Longue (.32 French Long / 30-18 Peterson)


Set of five 7.65×20 French Long (.30-18 Peterson) dummy rounds.



Set of five 7.65×20 French Longue (.32 French Long) dummy rounds or “snap-caps”.  This cartridge had its beginnings in an American design from WWI to convert the 1903 Springfield into a semi-automatic rifle.   The cartridge was called the .30-18 Peterson.  The device it was to be used in (Peterson device) was built, but didn’t make it to Europe in time for the war.  Following WWI, the French military made it their standard pistol caliber to replace their 8mm Lebel Revolver cartridge.  They renamed it the 7.65×20 French Longue, and used it throughout WWII and into the Vietnam War in the M1935 French revolver and MAS-38.

Available with spent primers remaining, empty primer pockets, holes drilled in cases, or rubber inserts added to the primer pockets.

Great addition to your re-enactment kit or display with your unique piece of military history.

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in


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